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The Prepared Homesteaders of the Ozarks

The Prepared Homesteaders of the Ozarks is a local community organization with a focus on preparedness, self-sufficiency and relationship building. We meet publicly each month to fellowship, learn and grow our community. We also host various training events and conduct community charitable events such as work days, clothing and food drives and fund raisers for those in need. 

The Prepared Homesteaders of the Ozarks also works with people in other regions to build similar community preparedness organizations. 


What we do?

Host monthly meetings where people around the Ozarks and across the country gather to learn and fellowship.

Encourage small community and tribe building. Encourage traditional family and individual moral character. Host training events, family dinners, community work days, food and clothing drives as well as small groups focused on homeschooling, youth ministry and more. We help our families become more prepared and self sufficient by making preparedness a community effort.

Areas we are focused on are building area communications networks, medical training and services for membership, community economy, community mutual aid and defense, and building coalitions with other area like minded groups.

Statement of Faith

The Prepared Homesteaders of the Ozarks is an association of believers in

the Almighty Creator who has provided us with

guidelines for living a lifestyle governed by HIS scriptures.


Our Mission

To build communities of like-minded individuals whose common goals are to be

self-sufficient and prepared for a changing world and to support

those communities with fellowship, training and guidance.


Our Vision

To empower families and communities with knowledge,

training and relationships so that they may provide mutual

assistance to each other during times of need.


Our Values

· Honesty, Trust and Integrity

· Family, Community and Relationships

· Respect, Morality and Kindness

· Hard Work, Sacrifice and Endurance


Our Goals

To gather a remnant of moral and God-focused families whose common goal is to

create communities of people that are prepared to face a challenging world.


Monthly Meeting





12274 State Hwy 32

Roby MO 65557

This is our first meeting for 2024 and you won't want to miss this one! We have some exciting plans and redirections for our future as a group so please plan on attending!

Doors open at 11am to meet and mingle with others. Our meetings are very family friendly! We always have a potluck meal, open vendor area, free seed bank and a children's craft area. 


To find out more about us or to attend one of our monthly meetings in south central Missouri please use this email. 

Private Members Area

If you are an active participant with The Prepared Homesteaders of the Ozarks and have attended at least one meeting please click below to enter the private members area. 

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